Feel the privilege of a Blue Voyage on the Turkish Riviera Compared to the Italian Riviera and the French Riviera, Turkey is more affordable without making any concessions on quality when it comes to a vacation.

While it is affordable for people who are looking for an economical Riviera, it is also a magnet for multimillionaires’ mega-yachts due to its marinas and coasts. During your sailing adventure, there are also many fantastic spots for underwater diving activities.  With turquoise waters, historical ruins and well-kept bays on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, it is known as heaven on earth. While it seems that there is a Riviera almost everywhere, Turkey is definitely one of the countries that deserves the “Riviera” title. Sailing on its Riviera is referred to as a “Blue Voyage,” taking its name from a writer known as the Fisherman of Halicarnassus who introduced this term to express his love of Anatolia’s vivid blue seas.

Every year, hundreds of tourists come to embark on these Blue Voyages and discover the many natural wonders. Some rent a private yacht and cruise along the coast from the Aegean Sea in the west to the Mediterranean Sea in the south. What makes these cruises different from others around the world is probably the gripping feeling one experiences sailing east and west, south and north, to finally meet in a perfect spot: Turkey.

There are numerous historical remains along Turkey’s coast, and most of them have been well protected for years. For those who want to experience history and modernity, rush and serenity together, then a Blue Voyage is a lavish activity that you should not miss during your stay. While on a cruise, nature gives you a chance to catch what you miss in fast-paced city life: Lie on the deck at night and wink back at the stars, while listening to the water lap against the yacht.

On a Blue Voyage, gaze at the sea for hours, swim in the water, sleep and sunbathe, do yoga or entertaining activities organized by a special crew. You can also try the nearby canoes and engage in adventure sports like water skiing and jet skiing when your yacht is anchored.


Source:  Daily Sabah

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