The government has increased the price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) by Kr 30 effective Tuesday morning, the highest one-time price hike of LPG in history.

With the record raise, the price of LPG per liter in Istanbul went up from TL 2.81 to TL 3.11 and the prices in Ankara increased from TL 2.61 to TL 2.91 per liter. The last jump in the price of LPG was seen on Aug. 29, when it went up by Kr 5. The increase in the cost of LPG purchases from abroad has been reported as the reason behind the price increase.




With the increased price of LPG, auto gas prices rose by 13.75 percent and bottled gas prices went up by 15.41 percent. As of September, out of the 9.1 million vehicles in Turkey, 3.8 million run on LPG

Source Bulletın

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