Locals of the Black Sea region are quite accustomed to having a rich Sunday breakfast with a must-eat food, the pide, a thick form of flatbread that is not the same as pita bread or pizza.

Early in the morning, women prepare the ingredients and the topping mixture is taken to a bread bakery where the toppings are spread out over the dough and cooked. Every city has its own way of making pide, but the dough is generally the same.

In eastern Giresun province, locals mostly prefer only mincemeat mixed with onion and spices as toppings, while these ingredients may vary in the central Black Sea province of Samsun, where the traditional pide can even go veggie. The other most-consumed toppings for the Turkish pide are cheese and sausage.

“The defining qualities of a Samsun pide are the dough, which contains the highest quality butter, flour and eggs mixed together, rolled out by hand; the boat shape given to the dough to hold the filling and a wood-fire oven bake,” says renowned Turkish-Australian chef Somer Sivrioglu in his book “Anatolia,” co-written with David Dale.Many Istanbul restaurants serve Turkish pide with a variety of toppings. To taste some Black Sea-style pide in Istanbul, Pideban restaurant with branches in the megacity’s Sariyer and Etiler areas should be on your restaurant list. If you want to enjoy your pide breakfast in peace, Pideban’s Sariyer branch is generally quiet on weekend mornings.

Source:  Daily Sabah

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