Teen star Justin Bieber caused somewhat mayhem at the Sabiha Gökçen Airport when he attempted to skip passport control as he entered the country, forcing security officials to refuse to allow him to leave the airport.

Officials ran out to stop Bieber’s entourage, who skipped passport checks and headed straight to their vehicles, and forced the star and his crew to remain in the airport until the situation was resolved.

The star’s guards and the airport security officers argued at length until the passport officials came out to Bieber’s car, to conduct the passport checks.


Beliebers, as the teen magnet’s fans are called, who gathered at the airport to meet the much anticipated arrival however were disappointed as Bieber’s crew made great efforts to block any view of the star as he waited around at the site.

Bieber was hidden by umbrellas and heavy security, with press members having very little opportunity to snap any pictures of the singer.

The concert is set to take place at Istanbul Technical University’s sports arena. Tickets were sold out a month ago, and a huge crowd of “beliebers” is expected to attend the concert.

Source Hurriyet

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