Turkey always provides a good mix of history and nature, a balance between historic bazaars and vacation spots.

Istanbul: Located between the West and the East, Turkey’s commercial capital Istanbul is like a haven waiting to be discovered. In each street and district, you will come across a new way of travel. There are hundreds of natural, and of course historic, beauties such as Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and many more. Istanbul is listed as one of the most popular destinations to visit in the world and its ambiance will immediately grab you.

Cappadocia: With fairy chimneys and a secret valley, Cappadocia in Central Anatolia is a great way to witness Anatolian history. Cappadocia can be described as a paradise, with its volcanic landscape offering challenging scenery and slick rocks with lush, green tracks, caves, tunnels and canyons waiting to be discovered.


Turkish people’s hospitality: Turkey is where people from the West and the East come together in the Anatolian lands. With their friendly faces and hospitality, people in Turkey will steal your heart. It is even possible to see people inviting you to have a cup of tea or a Turkish coffee while you are passing by.

Tasty local food: As a gateway between the Middle East and Europe, you will find a wide range of dishes in Turkey because it is a transit point between cultures. From mouth-watering appetizers in western Turkey to spicy kebabs in the east, Turkey offers you an unforgettable culinary journey

The bath culture: Turkish bath culture is probably one of the most exciting and beloved traditions of Turkish culture for many tourists. The “hamam” is an Ottoman variation of the steam bath, which can be thought of as the wet version of a sauna. When traveling to Turkey, a visit to a Turkish bath is among the top things on the to-do list as there are hundreds of hamams of all sizes in cities around the country.

The bazaars: Bazaars in Turkey are a legacy of Ottoman culture from past centuries. There are dozens of bazaars across the country and mostly jewelry, souvenirs and Turkish carpets are sold in those bazaars. The most popular one among all of them is The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

The Aegean and Mediterranean Coast: Turkey has some of the world’s most famous Aegean and Mediterranean Sea resort cities within the provinces of Izmir, Mugla and Antalya. With 383 beaches, 21 marinas and 13 yachts accredited with Blue Flags, Turkey has bumped France from its throne to become the third country with a high amount of flags, following Spain and Greece.

Ephesus: Ephesus is one of the most well-known sites of the Roman Empire. The remnants of the birthplace of this ancient civilization are located in the western Turkish province of İzmir in the district of Ephesus –”Efes” in Turkish — and are regarded as one of the most remarkable Roman sites in the world.

Affordable holidays: A holiday in Turkey is affordable compared to other travel destinations in the Europe. Prices in Turkey, especially during the off-season, are perfect for those who would like to travel for low prices. Even in the high season, Turkey is affordable compared to other holiday destinations.

Turkish Riviera: While it appears that there is a Riviera almost everywhere on earth now, Turkey is definitely one of the countries that deserves the title. Sailing on the Turkish Riviera is referred to as a “Blue Voyage,” the name which was given by a Turkish writer known as the Fisherman of Halicarnassus, who introduced this term to Turkish literature to express his love of Turkey’s vivid blue seas.


Source:  Daily Sabah

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