It has recently become a frequent event to see the wild boars roaming along our towns and villages. They are searching for food and can be found looking for garbage cans.

Although there have been many sights of groups of them roaming the streets of Kusadasi, this is the first one I have came across.

The influx of wild boar is forcing us to confront a new reality: we are bumping up against the limits of urbanisation. This is a crisis we have largely inflicted on ourselves. City sprawl is driving the species out of its dwindling natural habitats and forcing it to live alongside us. At the same time, we entice it with the tides of garbage and wasted food that are found around our streets.

Boars destroy property, devour ground-nesting animals – including endangered turtles’ eggs, and crops, such as fragile vine roots and shoots.

Locals who see the boars almost every day say they have become accustomed to living together with the boars.

However, they can be dangerous

When do they attack humans?

When they feel cornered or threatened

To defend themselves against hunters

To protect its piglets if it’s a female (this is one of the main causes that wild boar attacks occur)

Usually, attacks are more frequent during the wild boars’ rutting season.

So, the best form of defense is to keep away from them.

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