It was a pleasure to meet many friendly Turks on a boat trip I randomly choose to go on. Thank you for including me in your conversations and fun. The boat was called Evrim and I would use it again.

People are treated with great respect in Turkish culture, and so Turkish people will most likely make you feel welcome, even as a single person on a boat trip.

The crew were helpful, and I would like to thank you all for your hospitality.

I did not have my camera and anyone who knows me knows that I point and click and hope for the best when using my phone. Apologies for the images.

I walked down to the harbor and started pricing the boats. I stopped with one man and asked if the music was loud (I was looking for a peaceful day). He said no, only sometimes when people wanted to dance. Well, I think his idea of loud music is much different than mine.

However, it did not spoil my day. There was 90% Turks on board and there is no one like them who really know how to enjoy themselves. They made a point of including me and we had some great conversations.

As usual we stopped for an hour at three bays and enjoyed the water.

The food was good…pasta, chicken, salad and burgers, plus a soft drink.

Would I go again? Yes, as the fun made up for the music. I also fell asleep for an hour, which shocked me as I never sleep through the day.

If you want to try this tour, just walk down to the harbor and look for the boat sign.





















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