After meeting members of our German community I was invited to join them on a boat trip. I do love a boat trip and was looking forward to a day of work and pleasure. We were meeting in Güzelçamlı and sailing on the very popular Dostluk.

My day started by getting the number 5 Dolmus into town. On asking which bus goes to Güzelçamlı, I was directed to two different buses. Finally, one man pointed across the street and told me to take that bus.

I asked the driver if the bus stops where you get the boat trips. He replied “the Milli Park is closed”. (It was closed at that time). Again, I told him I do not want to go to the Milli Park, I want to go on a boat trip. “Yes, yes boat trip “he replied.

It seemed to take forever, but finally he stopped and pointed down a country road. Now, I am not one to complain, (my friends would disagree) but I have a problem with my leg and I had received my Covid booster the night before and was just not feeling great.

After what seemed like miles I finally found the boat. I spent the next 20 minutes worrying was I on the right boat as I was the first to arrive.

Finally, I saw my friends and we sat chatting and drinking coffee. The trip was beautiful and we stopped six times to go for a swim. As people noticed I was limping, every time I got up or had to step down, someone came and helped me. (I felt like was in my nineties). However, this shows how kind and courteous people are.

We all really enjoyed our day, and if anyone would like to meet with this group they go to Palm Beach restaurant on Ladies Beach every Sunday morning in summer and every other Sunday in winter.

I cannot finish without mentioning the Dostluk itself. It was the best boat trip I have ever been on. You get free tea and coffee, they come around with fresh fruit and the main meal itself was very good. The Captain and the crew could not do enough for everyone and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

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