A baboon that was abandoned by her mother after birth a few days ago at the Gaziantep Zoo in the southern Turkish province of Gaziantep, has been named “Kucuk Prens” (Little Prince).

The baboon is being cared for by zoo officials but the zoo’s clinic official Ozsun Yurt Gunes brings him home every night for the baby’s night care.

The baboon was visited this weekend by Gaziantep Mayor Fatma Sahin at Gunes’s home. Sahin gave the baboon a new stuffed monkey toy, as cubs cling to their mother’s chest when growing up.

The baboon’s name was given by Gunes’s nine-year-old daughter, Aleyna, who also shares her toys with the baby.

Little Prince will be taken care of by zoo officials for the next six months until he becomes ready to live with his mother and other animals in the zoo.




Source Hurriyet

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