THE NEW international terminal of Milas airport in Bodrum is due to be completed shortly.

The construction works started in 2009 with Turkish sub-contractors, however in February 2011 all the rights to complete the works were overtaken by a major Italian construction company “Astaldi”.

The new terminal with the area of 95,000 sqm will have nine boarding bridges with the one that will be able to accept large jumbo planes catering with two separate gate entrances. 

There will be 66 check-in desks, high tech security systems, Led information screens, baggage handling system as well as underground parking for 750 cars.

The terminal will be able to accept annually up to 5 million passengers and serve about 40 different destinations, which means a significant increase in passenger traffic.

The existing terminals will continue operating for domestic flights.

In 2010 the airport served more than 25 thousand domestic and international flights and received about 3 million passengers, most of them were from Turkey, Britain, Germany and Russia.

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