Turkey’s renowned International Istanbul Boat Show will return to the Bosporus for the 35th time this October.

Offering a chance to test luxurious and exclusive boats and yachts, the show invites marine enthusiasts to enjoy the annual event.The summer might be coming to a close but there are some perks of living in Istanbul where summers are longer than usual and blessed with the marvelous Bosporus. If you want to enjoy the sea as well as luxurious boats and yachts in October, you should book your tickets for the International Istanbul Boat Show. The 35th International Istanbul Boat Show will bring distinguished sea and boat lovers under the same roof once again from Oct. 6 -11 at Marinturk Istanbul City Port.

Welcoming exporters, investors, boat manufacturers, designers, captains and boat enthusiasts, the International Istanbul Boat Show aims to host both Turkish and international boat lovers and introduce them to the recent developments in the sector as well as the latest boats and yachts. The event serves as a meeting place for professionals where they can improve their business relations and purchased the items they need first-hand and a fun daytime activity for sea lovers who want to meet new people who share the same hobby.

Growing every year, the boat show has become one of the most prominent boat shows in Europe. The show gives its participants the chance to test unique boats and yachts at its exhibition venue, which stretches across 150,000 square meters. More than 300 mega yachts, motor yachts, sailboats, boats and catamarans ranging from 3 meters long to 50 meters long will be launched at the show, which is expected to attract almost 50,000 visitors from around the world. The International Istanbul Boat Show, the first member of the International Boat Show Organizers Association (IFBS) from Turkey, closely cooperates with Turmepa, a leading nongovernmental organization (NGO) dedicated to the protection of Turkey’s seas and marine biodiversity.

Although the official opening of the boat show will take place on Oct. 6, a group of professionals will be hosted at Suada on Oct. 2 and they will have a chance to see 20 new yachts for the first time in Turkey. During the launch of the yachts, the Bosphorus will be ornamented with some of the best floating houses in the world.

On the opening day of the boat show, the organizers will host a special event to mark their 35th anniversary. CEOs of the most important companies in Turkey will set sail with their boats and then share their experiences in business life as well as their lives on sea with the show’s visitors. The second day will start with the panel session hosted by the founding president of Azor Brand & People Solutions, Emre Baskan. Baskan will talk about the success he achieved by thinking like a sailmaker. Toward the end of the day, Aida Turizm Chairmen Adviye Bergemann will discuss whether Turkey will be an attractive center of luxury tourism or not.

The International Istanbul Boat Show will not only offer events for adults, but various events for children will be held to entertain them and leave them inspired by the sea and boats. “The Smurfs Musical” will be performed for children to be entertained in the world of their small blue friends while their parents enjoy the endless blue sea.

The event is not only about meeting new people and admiring the outstanding boats and yachts. A rowing race will be organized on Oct. 11 at 2:00 p.m. as a part of the boat show and the winners will receive their awards at the award ceremony, which will take place right after the race.

The International Istanbul Boat Show will also offer sailing, rowing, paddle boarding, surfing and dancing lessons throughout the week free of charge. Those who want to take lessons simply need to sign up for the classes and enjoy what the sea offers.To celebrate its 35th anniversary, the boat show will give away free tickets to the first 350 sea lovers who purchased a ticket for the show. They will receive their tickets from the counters at the entrance. The tickets for each day cost TL 20 ($6.65); however, those you want to participate in the event as a VIP must purchase VIP tickets for TL 100. The 35th International Istanbul Boat Show will donate a certain amount of its ticket revenues to Turmepa in order to support the seas where life started millions of years ago and ensure the survival of millions of living things, including humans.

Source Daily Sabah


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