Good news!
The government has announced that it has increased all taxes and fees by 50%, and we have informed you about this.
Some fees are excluded from this increase.
The residence time fee has not been increased ($25 for the first month, $5 for each subsequent month).
This increase was not made for the residence card fee(356 Lira)
But the visa fee for the new residency permit applications was increased from 2305 to 3456 lira. ( not paid on renewals)

This is a guideline of various increases which have and will take place in Turkey. It is important to remember that rules can vary between districts.

Applications for new residence permits are only possible for retired and homeowners. (Please read carefully, this rule does not apply to renewals.)

Before Bayram, Retired foreigners could apply for a 1-year residence permit if they presented their retirement documents with an apostilled and proved that their income was more than 50% of the minimum wage, and they were not notified about opening a bank account and making regular transfers.

However, at our 8.30 am (3rd July) appointment today, we saw that this rule has also changed. The residence permit was issued for 6 months, and our customers were informed that 18000 liras should be regularly deposited into their Turkish lira account.

This rule can also be applied retrospectively, even if a signed notification is not made, so those who have a residence permit after February 10, 2022 should also pay attention. (Retired first applicants)

This application was started by Fethiye Immigration Administration. If there is such an application in other cities, please send a message to this announcement and inform our members.

All fees and charges collected by the tax office have been increased by 50%.

Only driver’s license fees are excluded from this increase.

Residence permit duration fees, card fees and notary fees will be affected by this increase.

In addition, the mobile phone registration fee brought from abroad was re-determined as 20000 Turkish Liras.

The VAT rate applied as 18% was increased to 20% and the VAT rate applied as 8% was increased to 10%.

10% income tax applied to interest income has been increased to 15%

SGK (GSS) premiums to be paid by foreigners for 2023 were determined as 2401,92 TL/monthly

From 1st July 2023 the minimum wage will increase by 34%, the new minimum wage will be 11,402 lira net.

With thanks to Residency Permit / Fethiye Consultant Mustafa Arıkök for allowing me to use his translation. You can visit his Facebook group from the above link.

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