Meke Lake which is located in the Central Anatolian province has totally dried up

This unique crater lake which has a large volcanic cone in its centre and is well known as the “world’s largest evil eye amulet” has been on the brink of extinction for several years. The cone stands at 50 metres tall and the lake was declared a protected area in 1989 and registered has a natural monument in 1998.

The lake once had a depth of 12 metres and people from the region would often swim in its waters.

Experts have said that the lake has dried up due to drought and incorrect irrigation techniques.

A volunteer for the Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion (TEMA), Musa Ceyhan has asked authorities for help in order to restore the lake. He stated that “the lake used to be visited frequently by local and foreign tourists (and that) it was a very beautiful tourism area 15 years ago”.

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