The ancient city of Aphrodisias and the Aphrodisias museum in the western province of Aydin’s Karacasu district are being monitored with drones. 

The district gendarmerie command teams carry out inspections to protect the artifacts in the ancient city and provide the safety of visitors 24 hours a day. 

The teams monitor the six-kilometer ancient city from the air at least two times a day with the help of drones. 

Karacasu district governor Guher Sinem Buyuknalcaci said the ancient city was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site last year in June and they have taken the highest level of safety protective measures. 

She also said they have taken measures against illegal treasure hunters, adding that they found a 2,000 year old tomb, which was unearthed during illegal excavations last week. 

Buyuknalcaci said the ancient city was being monitored with 59 cameras, four of which are thermal. 

“The cameras have night vision too. The vicinity of the ancient city is just as important as the city is. The gendarmerie teams do rounds every two to three hours in addition to drone monitoring,” she said.

Source:  Daily Sabah


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