Located in Mugla’s Yatagan district, the Ancient City of Stratonicea, which has a history of over 3,000 years and the biggest sports complex dating back to the Hellenistic times, will host the World Youth Festival with the attendance of young people from 205 countries around the world.

Stratonicea was one of the biggest sports hubs of the Hellenistic times as well as being a political centre. A committee composed of the representatives of the Turkish Olympic Committee, the Youth and Sports Ministry and Mugla’s local administration conducted an investigation at Stratonicea, which was also known as “the City of Gladiators,” and took photos.

Seyit Bilal Porsun, a member of the Turkish Olympic Committee, said they are planning to hold some of the activities that will take place as part of the World Youth Festival, scheduled for 2017. “We want to use the historic and sportive areas of the ancient city during the festival that will welcome youngsters from 205 countries around the globe. Since the World Youth Festival’s main focus is on sports, we think that the Ancient City of Stratonicea is a good choice. Previously, we used the ancient site of Aphrodisias for the festival. However, as far as I can see, this ancient city will do a better job,” Porsun said. He also said the young people who will attend the festival will return to their countries as admirers and promoters of Turkey.

The festival will host entertainment programs as well as discussions and panel sessions on sports and its importance. The young people will attend the competitions and wear costumes that sportsmen in the Hellenistic period wore.



Source:  Daily Sabah

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