After their successful production of Little Red Riding Hood, Kusadasi Amateur Dramatic Society (KADS) are back treading the boards again for their summer production, The Late Mrs Early.

The Late Mrs. Early, a comedy with supernatural overtones, was written by Norman Robbins.  The play is dedicated to the residents of his home town of Castleford and it is rich in the dialogue of working class family life, particularly reflecting the domination of the male species.

The play revolves around Terry Early’s announcement that he and Susan Rickworth intend to marry, which in turn rouses the fury of the formidable Alice, Terry’s mother, on account of a previous relationship between her and Reuben Rickworth, Susan’s father.  Sam Early is caught in the middle of this and his peace of mind – as that of his crony Joe – is shattered.  Alice’s sudden demise, following her handling of a faulty electric kettle lent her by the inquisitive neighbour, Mabel, promises a peaceful solution.  But Alice as a vengeful ghost is even more formidable than as a live wife and mother.  Much drama ensues in which both families – and Mabel- are involved, before Alice’s ashes can be persuaded to lie quiet in her urn until Sam is ready to join her.

A great night was had by all and I have to say that I am sure that the audience were glad they left the comfort of their own homes to enjoy an evening of entertainment in a convivial atmosphere among friends.

Source:  Ege Eye

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