An application developed for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch products gives its users the opportunity to experience the “soul” of İstanbul to the fullest.

Called SoUL Istanbul, the application targets travellers who seek to connect with İstanbul through a cinematic and auditory experience, according to a press release from International Film Factory LLC on Monday. SoUL is short for Sounds of Urban Life and the app’s specialty is providing users with “cinematic walks.” As you walk through the streets of İstanbul, a narrator talks about different parts of the city with accompanying music, providing a sample of a typical traveller’s trip in the city’s hot spots and giving users the ability to harness the full potential of the historic city. The information featured in the application is written by locals about five parts of the city.


The application offers a new concept in the travel guide industry. “We’re extremely excited about cinematic walks, we think they have the power to revolutionize the travel industry,” says Murat, CEO of International Film Factory LLC. The company defines its cinematic walks as “a soundscape transmitted via the app [that] aims to deliver an unforgettable experience to a traveller while he or she walks in a neighbourhood of İstanbul.”

Bicak explained in the press release that the application comes loaded with more than five hours of cinematic walks for the top five neighborhoods of İstanbul as well as Topkapı Palace.“All the user needs to do is unlock the cinematic walk, go to the palace and let the sound guide her and enjoy the stories as they unfold throughout the walk,” Bicak says.

The International Film Factory LLC is a New York-based digital media and technology company focused on producing high quality apps with in-house developed media content. Sounds of Urban Life is a registered trademark of the company.

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