It turns out that all Turks are jokers. According to a study conducted with more than 1,500 people, Turks love the jokes that scare them the most.

Upon being asked, “what kind of jokes do you laugh at the most?” 14.1 percent said, “jokes that scare,” while the other 14.1 percent said, “phone jokes.” A total of 10.3 percent said, “jokes that involve nicknames,” 8.1 percent said, “saucy jokes” and 3.5 percent said they love “practical jokes.” On the other hand, 49.8 percent of the participants said they laugh at other jokes.

Turks also turned out to be brutal when somebody makes a joke that is not funny at all. It turns out that 37.5 percent of the participants do not hesitate to tell people to their face that their jokes are not funny. While 26.5 percent said they will fake a laugh, 19.5 percent said they laugh at it anyway. On the other hand, 16.5 percent say they will make fun of the person who has just made a bad joke.

One of the most common jokes among Turkish people is phone jokes. A total of 75.5 percent of the participants said they either made phone call jokes to someone or they were a victim of one.

Source:  Daily Sabah

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