Aydin, which has one of the most temperate provinces in Turkey, said that this year there was hardly any winter, and that this was a sad situation for agriculture.

Due to the lack of cold temperatures, the plants woke up early and one farmer stated that since January livestock have been grazing outside.

Winter is an important time on a farm. There’s a lot going on, biologically, below the surface, much that can influence what we see on market tables for the rest of the year. And much that can go wrong if the winter is warm, as this one has been.

Winter serves as an important purpose for many crops. Shorter days and sustained low temperatures bring a cycle of dormancy, a deep, almost anesthetized sleep, during which growth is temporarily halted. Measured in “chilling hours,” this is the time when plants’ energy is held in reserve, building up for new growth, and farmers can prune and transplant without fear of sprouting. Without sufficient chilling time, a many crops will generate fewer, weaker buds, limiting production from day one.

Aydin farmers have said they saw spring this year without seeing winter and if the season continues this way, we will experience a challenging summer season.

Source:  The Ege Eye

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