With autumn comes the season of migration for loggerhead turtles, also known as caretta caretta, to leave the Turkish Mediterranean shores for the open seas.

Just as their parents did before them, 11 baby loggerhead turtles born this year at the safe haven section of Iztuzu beach in Mugla were released to the sea by experts of the sea turtle laboratory (DEKAMER).

The baby caretta carettas, one of the symbols of Turkey’s southern coasts, are so tiny that they can fit in the human palm – nothing compared to their huge size when they become adults and return to Turkish beaches to lay their eggs.

Their eggs are taken under protection by DEKAMER experts, reinforced with volunteers for the “big dive” event, when nearly 25,000 loggerhead turtles head into the sea every year via the Iztuzu beach.

“If they succeed in surviving, they will come back in 25 or 30 years to ensure the continuity of their species,” DEKAMER head Yakup Kaska said.

Despite the environmental importance of Iztuzu, authorities have attempted to privatize the beach, only to be aborted by activists who launched a huge campaign following a huge outcry.





Source Hurriyet

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