Osman Kaba, who lives in Kemkopru village of Artvin’s Arhavi district, opened a tree house that he built three years ago to tourists upon great demand.

Having worked as a civil engineer for 30 years in his own company in Izmir, Kaba transferred his business to his children in order to live a quiet life in nature and returned to his village with his wife four years ago. He then built a tree house in the garden, making his childhood dream come true.

Restoring the village house, which was a family heirloom from his grandfather, in accordance with the local architecture, Kaba built the tree house on a 15-meter-tall pine tree, attracting a lot of visitors and interest both on social media and in the region.

Built approximately 8 meters above the ground with a toilet, bath and hot water, the tree house can accommodate seven people at the same time, while it is also admired with its colorful roof and unique view. People who are interested in this unique experience can stay in the tree house for TL 300 per night.

Kaba said he also made swings in front of the tree house in accordance with the local culture. He said there used to be swings made from grape vines in their village, so he made big swings with wooden ropes.

“Thus, it has turned into a different environment and it has been attracting great interest. I receive very good reactions. We regard those coming here as guests rather than customers,” Kaba said. “It was good for us too. We have gained a social life here. We meet different people. We have hosted many tourists from different places in Turkey, Europe and the Far East.”

Nazim Koto, one of the tourists who visited the tree house, said they came from Istanbul upon recommendations from their friends.

Also coming from Istanbul, Burcu Kirimli Karabey said it was a different experience to sleep and have breakfast on a tree.

“This is a place we can recommend to everyone. Far from the noise of the city, the view is really beautiful,” she added.

Source:  Daily Sabah

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