Davutlar is a market town that is typical, traditionally Turkish. It has a central town area studded with shops, supermarkets, petrol stations, a veterinary clinic and town hall.

It has the mountains as its backdrop and the sea in the foreground. Primarily an agricultural town, Davutlar produces more than 200 tonnes of peaches every day between the months of July and August, and also has an influx of visitors during the summer months along its coastal area.

Davutlar has a big and busy Sunday market where you can buy anything from plants and seedlings, foodstuffs of every kind, clothing, and household goods to freshly prepared traditional snacks and locally produced fruit, vegetables, cheeses and olive oil. It’s a local market for local people and is a great way to join in the activities of daily life.

There are a handful of small restaurants in Davutlar, but since the town itself is mainly residential, most of the summer nightlife and bars are located on the coast near the seaside part of the town. Within the town, just to the edge are  two thermal resorts where mineral waters are pumped up from the earth, giving bathers the chance to relax the body, de-stress and unwind the mind.

The coastline is an uninterrupted 17 kilometre stretch of golden sand taking you all the way to the end of the peninsula and the town of Guzelcamli. Each section of the massive beach has a separate name; Diamond Beach, Silver Beach, Moonlight Beach, Paradise Beach, Love Beach etc.

The beaches are looked after meticulously, the water is clean and the air quality is extremely good. The beaches overlook the island of Samos, and from here you can see just how close the island is to Kusadasi. Davutlar’s beaches offer every kind of water sport, horseback beach treks, jeep safaris into the mountains and paragliding as well as sun, sea and sand.

There are beach front cafes where you can dine, drink relax or party according to your taste, and the area is very green and natural. In among the holiday houses there are summer bazaars, small shops and of course there is a dolmus route, with plenty of buses coming and going all year round.

Although this is a predominantly holiday area there are some parts which are quite residential and have all year round occupants. Life is peaceful out here as the beach is so vast that even in the height of summer it is never crowded, and the whole area is dotted with green picnic areas and surrounded by peach and mandarin orchards. It’s not unusual to see a shepherd ambling along with his flock of sheep or goats along the small roads here in among the houses. We regularly used to have our grass “cut” in Davutlar by a donkey belonging to one of the neighbours – and the smell of peaches in the air in summer is something you will never forget.

On a quiet evening it’s possible to see foxes (they are silver with a black brush here) and, especially at the tiny harbour at Love Beach standing on the arched bridge, you can look into the clear water and watch the fish in their thousands feeding, then swimming slowly out to sea at sunset… Davutlar is located approximately 20 minutes away from Kusadasi, and is 5-10 minutes away from Guzelcamli.

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