A new ecotourism village has been founded to familiarize tourists with the local culture and traditions in Trabzon’s Duzkoy district.

The region’s tourism institutes were founded to diversify Trabzon’s attractions by focusing on cultural values and the regions breathtaking evergreen highlands. Thanks to the new programs, the number of visitors coming to the city has steadily increased every year, both from Turkey and abroad, being a favorite destination for tourists from the Gulf.

The Ecotourism Village Project was initiated by the Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TTSO) to familiarize tourists with local traditions by immersing them in village life.

Tourists visiting the ecotourism village, founded in Duzkoy’s Cal neighborhood, spend time in houses and structures called “serander,” wooden structures exclusive to the Black Sea region and a staple of the region’s landscape. Hands-on experiences are also available, and the villagers always welcome help in the fields and barns.

The Chairman of the executive board of the TTSO, Suat Hacisalihoglu, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the number of tourists in the region is steadily increasing.

Hacisalioglu expressed his gratitude for tourist interest and the sharp increase in hotel reservations.

While discussing the various ecotourism projects in the works for the area, Hacisalioglu also stressed the importance of offering a wide range of interesting activities necessary to keep the touristic flow sustainable.

As a result, Trabzon authorities continue to conduct projects to attract more visitors to the ecotourism areas.

Included in these projects, Cal Cave has shown a significant increase in tourist traffic in the village located nearby, demonstrating the effectiveness of their efforts.

Marking that every valley of Trabzon is home to a unique culture, Hacisalihoglu added: “We think that ecotourism is important in terms of preserving cultures. The tourists visiting the village are able to experience village life. Thanks to these nature-based projects, we plan to preserve culture by attracting more and more tourists, sending them off as culture advocates.”

After completing the project’s infrastructure, the authorities in Trabzon plan to establish ecotourism villages throughout the region. In line with the theme, local products and goods will also be promoted and produced for visitors. The region is well-known for its delicious tea, lending its harvest and production perfectly to this type of visitor education.

Source:  Daily Sabah

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