Boeing is continuing its support for education in Turkey with the construction of a new school building in the Kumru district of the Black Sea province of Ordu.

The opening ceremony of the new school building was held Nov. 5 with the participation of high-level officials from the company, local administration officials, students and teachers.

“Education projects take priority in Boeing’s approach to corporate citizenship,” said Bernard J. Dunn, president of Boeing Turkey and North Africa.

“Since 2000, Boeing has been committed to supporting education at every level, from primary schools to universities, and is proud to be a responsible member of the Turkish community. Today, we are celebrating the opening of the Konaklı Boeing Primary School’s new building which will provide its students with a better education environment and enable them to have a brighter future,” he said. 107 educational projects in 38 cities. In 13 years, Boeing has supported 107 education projects in 38 cities, reaching about 135,000 students through its school construction, computer lab and equipment donation programs. The company has also constructed three school buildings and renovated nine schools across Turkey.


Source Hurriyet

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