A British family has been unable to retrieve the body of a 59-year-old relative due to official complications that followed his death on a plane that landed at Izmir airport

Graham Brocklehurt was on a flight to London from Dalaman when he began feeling unwell. The plane landed immediately at Izmir airport, where paramedics tried to save the man.

Brocklehurt’s body was sent to a morgue in Izmir after it was declared that he had died of natural causes.

There have been no official reports for 17 days because of a lack of official documentation, however, Broklehurt’s body has still not been released from the morgue so he can return home to his family and friends.

Brocklehurt’s official death certificate has still not been issued, which means the body cannot be released and returned back to the UK.

Turkey’s General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI) said it had no authority to issue death certificates, adding that municipal authorities should perform the task.

Izmir Municipality told DHMI that because the death occurred at an airport, the aviation authority’s doctors should provide the death certificate.

At the moment Graham Brocklehurt body still remains in a morgue in Izmir unable to be released to his family.


Source Hürriyet.

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