As many of you know the rules and regulations change constantly in Turkey, especially in the last year.

It has been announced that there have been changes in the law regarding buying property in order to obtain Turkish residency.

Some of these changes are going direct to  the GOC offices and the official Resmi Gazeette internally.

Here at The Foreign Citizens Advice Centre we are witnessing these changes via our clients who come to our office for advice.

Since February 2022 property had to be valued at 75.000 USDs. Now if you wish to buy a property to acquire residency status, that property must be valued at 200.000 USDs. This will not affect property owners prior to 16th October 2023.

You still may purchase a property under this price and use it as a holiday home though the 90-day rule will apply. This means that if you stay a full 90 days, then you must leave Turkey for 90 days. If you prefer to stay a few weeks at a time, the easiest way to calculate y how many days you have is by following the link below.

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