Bahar Çınar’s cat has been lost at Atatürk Airport. Çınar has been at the airport for two days in protest at the loss of her pet by those responsible. She has been waiting at the domestic arrivals lounge, with banners, for her cat’s return.

Çınar said her cat Pamuk was in the carriage that her sister carried during the flight, but then escaped. Noting that the cat had escaped because of the noise of the place, Çınar said, “The responsible people did not inform others and we could not enter some parts of the airport.”

Because of this negligence, Pamuk has been lost, according to Çınar.

“If the responsible people would go and inform the people that work in the places that we could not get into. Then they could find my cat.”
Noting that there were always problems like this, Çınar said: “I have tried to reach everywhere but could not find any solution.”

Çınar is still waiting for her cat. She remains at the airport holding a banner which reads: “Atatürk Airport and Atlas Jet officials, my cat that you have lost and could not find is hungry.”




Source Hurriyet

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