Osman Kaplan, an animal lover who adopted a kitten without forelegs after finding her on a street, has been designing many tools to make the cat’s life easier.

Kaplan, a carpenter, said the cat which was one month old when he found her on the street without its right front leg said her left leg was also broken. But because of a wrong operation the kitten’s leg had to be cut off too, he said.

Naming the cat Zeyna, Kaplan is taking care of the cat like his own child.

“I brought my Zeyna home after the operation. When she opened her eyes, she looked at me and I told her ‘I will be your missing arms and you will be my happiness,’” he said.

“Cats eat food using their forelegs. Zeyna was not able to eat, so I produced a wooden food table for her. I also made a staircase for her to play on and a tool to scratch on. While many people told me to put her to sleep, I took Zeyna to a psychiatrist to heal her soul, too,” he said.

Kaplan has one more cat at home and 11 cats in his workshop.

Source:  Hurriyet Daily News

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