As there are more electric vehicles on the roads, changes are going to be made to driving tests and questions related to the engine section of the exam will be reduced.

Serdar Tepeöz, the President of the Central Anatolian Driving Schools and Trainers Federation, made statements to AA correspondent regarding the new regulation prepared to raise the education standards of driver candidates.

Tepeöz stated that after the Private Motor Vehicle Drivers Course Regulation came into effect in 2016, the exam was held on a single track and the trainees memorized the track area.

Tepeöz, who stated that they had written two alternative courses into the new regulation prepared because of the negotiations with the Ministry of National Education, said, “The second course will enable the trainee to learn better and use more vehicles. In this way, the quality of education will be increased.”

Tepeöz, who stated that a regulation will be made regarding electric vehicles as the domestic vehicle Togg starts to take its place on the roads, said, “In the current exam, we ask trainees about the engine compartment of the vehicle, but with the new regulation, the way will be opened for taking the exam with an electric vehicle. There is no engine compartment in electric vehicles like the domestic vehicle Togg. Therefore, candidates could not take the exam, we have paved the way for this. We will reduce the questions asked after the hood is opened, we will keep up with technology.”

– Disabled people will be able to take the exam with their own vehicles

Tepeöz said that in the new regulation, disabled trainees can take the exam with their own vehicles if there is no vehicle suitable for the disabled in the driving school they attend.

Tepeöz, who stated that the regulation will also include provisions for active-duty soldiers, pregnant women and patients, stated that the groups in question will not lose their rights and will be able to continue taking the exam at the level they were at before their special situation. Source: Source: Anadolu Agency

Tepeöz stated that there will be a regulation regarding trainees who fail the driving test 5 times despite passing the written test, and said, “The trainee’s right to take the written test will remain valid for 3 years. After going to another course within 3 years and registering, they will receive driving training without taking the written test and will take the driving test.” Source:

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