From today, Dec 5th, manufactures will begin producing plain packets for cigarettes and sales of older stock must end by January 5th.

It is hoped that the move will deter future smokers, especially among the younger generation.

In 2012, Australia became the first country to implement laws requiring plain packaging of tobacco products. Since then, France, Ireland and the UK have passed laws and other countries have initiated legislative processes.

Tobacco packaging has become one of the tobacco industry’s leading promotional tools. Research suggests that standardised packaging would increase the impact of health warnings, reduce false and misleading messages that one type of cigarette is less harmful than another, and reduce the attractiveness of smoking to young people.

In Tukey, the new regulation states that each pack will have to use up to 85% of its packaging for health warnings with photos.

The Fight Against Smoking Association has said that the public spends around $ 15 billion per year on cigarettes and that the government spends $ 10 billion treating smoking related diseases.

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