Hi there, my name is Alia El-Amer and I thought I would do a little research on how to cook great meals on a budget.

My, Recipe for This Month Will is:

Chicken with Mustard Spinach.

Shopping Site: Migros (AVM).KUSADASI
Cooking Time: 40 Mins-45Mins.
Total : 4 Persons.
Type: Hot Plate.

Please Note: Prices Last Update : 17 June 2022

4 Pcs of Chicken (Breast) 62.18tl 4 Pcs 62.18 tl
1.5 litres of Water 4.5tl 2 Bottles = 6.00tl
1 1/2 tbsp of Vegetable Salt. 1.21tl 1 Pack= 11.80tl
4 tbsp of Olive Oil 1.56tl 1 Bottle = 119.90tl
1 Bag Frozen Spinach 13.13tl 1 Bag=17.50tl
1/2 Cup of Chopped Spring Onions 0.47tl 1 Kilo=8.95tl
1 tbsp of Seeded Mustard 1.31tl 1 Pack = 30.25tl
1/4 Pack of Cheese Grated 22.48tl 1 Pack = 89.90 tl

Total recipe cost 106.82 TL
Total purchase cost 346. 48 TL

1- Boil Chicken With Water and 1 tbsp Of Vegetable salt. ( 15Mins).
2- Cut the Spring Onions for 1/2 Cup.
3-Simmer Spinach with Onions,2 tbsp Of Olive Oil and 1/2 tbsp Of Vegetable Salt.(7 Mins)
4-Fry Chicken with 2 tbsp of Olive Oil. (5 Mins) or till Golden at top.
5-While Frying, Preheat Oven for 450 Degrees.
6-Add 1 tbsp of Seeded Mustard to Spinach and Place all on Chicken Breast. (Pre-Heat for 3- 5 Mins).
7-Finally add the Greated Cheese on top of the Spinach and Grill for 5 Mins.

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