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Welcome to My Eighth Recipe, Aroma Of
Mediterranean Mezze.

Shopping Site: Migros (AVM) KUSADASI.
Cooking Time: 35 Mins : 45 Mins.
Total : 4 People.
Type: Warm Plate.
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Kindly Note: Prices are last updated 18.01.2023.


1 Tub Of Grilled Egg Plant. 24.50tl
1 Tub= 24.50tl
2 tbsp of Melted Butter. 5.05tl
1 Block = 88.90tl
1 Clove Of Garlic. 1.08tl
1 Bag = 38.90tl
½ tbsp Of Dry Pepper. 1.53tl
1 Bag = 22.90tl
¼ Cup Of Hand Picked Parsley. 1.53tl
1 Bunch = 5.45tl
¼ Cup Of Walnuts. 7.80tl
1 Bag = 32.50tl
¼ Cup Of Pomegranate Seeds. 4.48tl
1 Kilo = 26.90tl

Total Recipe Cost= 47.80TL
Total Purchase Cost= 240.45TL

1- Cut, the Grilled Eggplant Smaller Pieces,
By Processor.
2-Add Butter And Wisk With Garlic.
3-Garnish with Dry Pepper and Parsley, Walnuts And
Pomegranate Seeds.

Additional Dishes
Served with Bread 10tl
2 Loafs = 10.00 tl
Total Recipe Cost= 10.00TL
Total Purchase Cost= 10.00TL

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Ingredients used


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