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Christmas is Around the Corner.

May It, be Filled with Joy and Happiness.

Cheese Platter – Christmas Tree Shape.

Shopping Site: Migros (AVM) KUSADASI.

Cooking Hours: 1 hrs : 1.30 hrs.

Total:4 Persons.

Type: Cold Plate.

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Kindly Note: Prices Last Update, 18.11.2022


1-Puff Pastry                                                      11.37tl

1 Pack = 37.90tl

2-1/4 Pack of Cheese                                         23.13tl

1 Pack = 92.50tl

3-1/2 Cup Of Onions. (Crushed).                        1.27tl

¼ Kilo = 3.23tl

4-2 tbsp of Olives.                                               1.26tl

¼ Kilo = 13.97tl

5- ½ Pack Of Cold Meats.                                  13.25tl

1 Pack = 26.50tl


TOTAL recipe cost = 49.33TL

TOTAL purchased cost= 134.33TL


1- Preheat Oven 200 Degrees.

2-Make Sure Puff Pastry is not Frozen.

3-Shredd Onions and Cheese – Mix together.

4-Cut Pastry into Stipes with Pizza Cutter. (As Shown In Pic 1).

5-Shape Tree and Roll the Mix on Length of Pastry. (As Shown In Picture2).

6- Press Mix in dough a little and Twist. (As Shown In Picture 3).

7-Place in Oven, till Golden at Top.

8- Let cool, then add Olives at Top the Cold Meats at Bottom of tree.

Additional (Or) Side Dishes.

Honey Mustard Sauce.


1- ¼ Cup Of Mayonnaise.                              4.97tl

1 Pack = 18.50tl

2-tbsp Of Mustard.                                          2.58tl

1 Pack = 22.50tl

3-1 tbsp Of Honey.                                          2.07tl

1 Pack = 45.50tl

4-1 tbsp Of Parley (Chopped).                        2.12tl

1 Bunch = 7.50tl


TOTAL recipe cost = 11.57TL.

TOTAL purchased cost= 94.00TL.


1- In A Bowl, add the Mayonnaise, Mustard , Honey and Chopped Parsley.

2-Cool In Fridge.

3- Serve Cold by Cheese Platter.

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