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Quiche My Way

Shopping Site: Migros (AVM) KUSADASI.
Cooking Time: Cooking Time: Air Fryer,
8 – 10 Mins: 20 Mins.
By Oven Mins 25 – 30 Mins
Total: 4 Persons.
Type: Hot Plate.
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Kindly Note: Prices are last updated 18.04.2023.


½ Tray Of Eggs. 19.41tl
1 Pack = 41.60tl

1 Cup Of Frozen Spinach. 2.52tl
1 Bag= 37.90tl

¼ Cup Of Chopped Spring onions. 0.32tl
1 Kg = 12.90tl

1 Cup Of Shredded Cheese. 9.90tl
1 Block = 99.00tl

1 tbsp Of Vegetable Salt. 1.26tl
1 Bag = 15.75tl

1 tbsp Of Butter. 2.52tl
1 Block = 88.90tl


1-Mix Eggs Spinach, Spring Onion, Shredded Cheese

Vegetable Salt and Butter.

2-Put In Plastic Baking Tray in Air fryer For 15 Mins, till Golden
at Top.

3-If By Oven – You will heat at 200c. – Add Mix in Pyrex then Oven

For 20-25 Mins, till Golden at Top.

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