FUTURE APPLICATIONS MUST BE MADE ONLINE TO THE DIRECTORATE GENERAL of MIGRATION MANAGEMENT. Applications from Kusadasi must be made online to the DGMM office and all paper work is to be sent to the DGMM office in Aydin which will be open from 18th May 2015.

The Foreign Citizens Advice Centre, a charitable association based in Kusadasi can help you with the online Residence application form and make sure you have all relevant paper work in order before you go to your interview. Unlike many organisations offering this kind of service there is NO CHARGE as they are supported by donations and various fund-raising events. For more details: CONTACT US

With the 90 out of 180 day tourist visa restrictions now being fully implemented, many longer-stay visitors to Turkey have opted to take out residence as a much easier solution.

In simple terms your tourist visa allows you to come and go as many times as you like in a 180 day period starting from the first day you enter the country up to a maximum stay of 90 days. Once you reach that limit you must either a) leave the country until the 180 day period has ended, following which you can buy a new tourist visa for a further 180 day period, or b) apply for a residence permit. (Please remember that the calculation that applies is that you must not have spent more than 90 days in Turkey in the preceding 180 days counted back from each date you leave the country).

****** It is recommended that you take all relevant documents to your nearest GDMM office BEFORE  you get them translated and notarised, the office will then tell you which documents need translating*******


Below are the current requirements needed to take out or renew residence:

If sending by post only send photocopies

A copy of your Tapu (property title deeds) which will need to be stamped by the Tapu office if older than 2 years.

Or a rental contract which may need to be notarised

Or a current boat mooring contract if you declare a boat as your place of residence.

A certificate from the Nufus office as proof of address.

A bank statement, showing your name, from Turkey, with a minimum of 16000 TL in savings or a regular income of 1500TL per month

or a bank statement from your own country, showing you have sufficient funds to support yourself during your period of residence. Currently a proven regular income of 1500 TL per month or a deposit of 16000 TL is being requested. (This may need translating and notarising)

– Passport photocopy of the picture page + photocopy of the page containing the stamp showing your last entry into the country

– 4 bio-metric passport-sized photos these must be on a white background and be no older than 6 months to upload during the online application process

– Notary-translated birth certificate of a child under 18 ( If relevant )

– Completed application form – if assistance is required to fill in your online forms, it is available free of charge from The Foreign Citizens Advice Centre where they can guide you through your application. contact them here

– Applicable fees (paid to HalkBank or local tax office)

– Residence permit fees for the majority of European citizens is 25 Dollars for the first month and 5 Dollars for each month thereafter, residence periods are usually from 6 months – 2 years in monthly increments (periods in excess of 12 moths are only available for family residence where one family member is Turkish)

– A Turkish private health insurance policy or SGK (further details available on request)

– For Norwegian and Swedish citizens the current cost of a Residence permit for one year is 920 Turkish Lira

– Currently, Irish citizens pay for the residence card but not for residence fees.

– Residence fees for nationals of other countries can contact us for the relevant fees that may apply to them.

– Copies of both receipts of fees payments from the bank or tax office.

* These fees were current on 29/04/2016 – please contact us if you require more up to date information.

Additional information

* There must be enough time left on your passport to cover the length of residence PLUS 60 days beyond the expiry date of your permit on your passport..

* First time applicants must attend in person at the nearest Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) offices from 18th May 2015 to make the application, a prior appointment must be made online at the end of your online application.

*Where an existing residence holder is applying for residence in a different category e.g. changing from short-term residence to family residence then the applicant must follow the procedures as a transfer applicant even though they may have had existing residence for some time.

* With regard to the medical insurance requirement, full in-patient and out-patient cover is being requested. This is not needed for under 18’s and over 65’s

* The blue residence booklets are being phased out

* The new credit card-style residence cards will be posted out to the applicant’s address

* The cost of the residence card is 58.50 TL payable at the time of the application in cash to the tax office or HalkBank

* Children under 18 can have a separate residence card or be included in that of their parent/guardian

* Children under 18 included on parent’s/guardian’s card must travel together with that parent/guardian

* Children under 18 will not be granted residence for a period beyond the expiry date of their parent’s/guardian’s residence

* You will be required (except citizens of The Republic of Ireland, Czech Republic and some other countries) to pay residence fees at the local tax office in cash in Turkish Lira at the prevailing rate of exchange.

* Fees and residence card costs for children under 18 are currently 50% of the adult rates


* For current fees and costs contact an adviser at The Foreign Citizens Advice Centre who can calculate your individual charges contact them here

* Residence renewals cannot normally be applied for more than two months before the expiry date. A fine may be charged if applied for after the expiry date of the current residence period and you may have reapply as a first time applicant

* Both the tax office and DGMM offices are usually closed for lunch between 12.30 and 1.30, at weekends and on public holidays

* Once an initial application is made the applicant will have 5 days to submit all of the required paperwork or the application may be cancelled.

* If the paperwork is not submitted before the end of the 10 day period following the expiry date of an existing residence a fine of 50 USD could be applied as was experienced by a reader

* First time applicants are currently being processed in Turkey although the current law says that all first-time applications for residence should be made at the Turkish Consulate located in the applicant’s home country except where ‘it is unreasonable to expect them to do so’ but we have yet to have clarification as to what is considered unreasonable.

* As of the date of this fact sheet the Turkish consulates in both Ireland and the UK confirmed that they were not able yet to accept new applications for residence and were not able to say when applications would be accepted from outside Turkey.

* The police stations are no longer accepting the paperwork in connection with an application it is The Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) that is actually processing the application

* When the paperwork has been accepted by the Directorate General of Migration Management an applicant may be given a letter stating that they can remain in Turkey until their application is either accepted or rejected. The letter states that they will be contacted when a decision has been made

* We have been told that holders of the letter referred to above may travel in and out of Turkey as residents for absences of up to 14 days. The receipt from the tax office to say you have paid the fee for your permit must accompany this letter.

* The current law says that the DGMM MAY cancel or refuse to renew Turkish residence for holders of it that stay out of Turkey for more than 120 days but we have not been able to obtain clarification of what MAY means and in what circumstances the cancellation or refusal could be applied. We do not have a live example of a residence holder returning after an absence of more than 120 days who has had their residence cancelled or not accepted at the point of entry. We do, however, have live examples of residence holders who have very recently entered normally and without question after absences well in excess of 120 days.

* We were informed by some readers that where a rental contract (if applicable) shows an annual rent of 400 TL or less that the requirement to have it notarised is not being enforced. We have not independently verified this claim.

* A current Turkish residence holder who wishes to remain in Turkey for some time and feels that they may miss the application deadline is advised to visit outside Turkey before the day of expiry (to Samos or Kos for example) and return after the expiry date with a tourist e-visa that will then allow them to legally remain in the country for up to 90 days whilst they are attending to the residence requirements. E-visas can be obtained while-you-wait from The Foreign Citizens Advice Centre, including for any future trips as e-visas do not need to be activated (by entering Turkey) until quite some time after they are issued.

* Any applicants who have previously had Turkish residence that may have expired some time ago may be treated as first-time applicants according to the independently-verified experiences sent in by of some of our readers



* All prices given are current on 29/04/2016 if you are reading this article after this date please verify with us as prices may have changed.


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