Among the items travelers forgot at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport in 2017 were deer meat, a car steering wheel, mold marbles, bridal gowns, bricks and a tea urn, State Airport Operations General Directorate head Funda Ocak has said.

“Have you ever been curious to know what gets left behind at Ataturk Airport? Here are the most interesting ‘lost items’ of 2017: a car steering wheel, a bumper, Scottish bagpipes, 50,100 euros, mold marbles, bridal gowns, deer meat, bricks, chandeliers, a 120-inch TV, a tea urn, a printer, an oxygen mask and tube, fishing gear and an x-ray photograph,” Ocak said on her Twitter account on Jan. 28.

“Ataturk Airport, which tops Europe in terms of passengers, airlines and freight traffic, is not just an enterprise that offers services to passengers, but also a dynamic living space in which thousands of our guests spend time every day.”

The number of items recorded as “missing” at the airport in 2017 came to 48,504, Ocak also said. Of these, 7,931 were handed back to their owners, while the rest have been stowed away, she noted.

Ocak also gave information as to the number of passengers treated by airport health personnel. “Some 5,450 passengers were offered health services in 2017. The records unfortunately say that six passengers lost their lives in planes in 2017,” she said.

The airport also assisted a total of 424,494 disabled passengers in 2017, Ocak noted.

Source:  Daily Hurriyet

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