Award-winning Didim author, Maximilian Sam, has published his new book, “Stories From A Stray”. It comprises 21 short stories from the original “stray”, incorporating a range of genres.

In the book you’ll meet characters ranging from a chef to a spy, from a rugby player to a man called Dave. You’ll win and lose the lottery, survive a global lockdown, sink a boat, and say an emotional farewell to an old friend.

The book is aimed at an older audience than Max’s previous award-winning children’s books, “It’s A Stray Dog’s Life” and “It’s A Stray Dog’s Life 2”.

“The inspiration for my stories can come from a plethora of sources,” said Maximilian Sam. “Watching the world go by, and overhearing snippets of conversations, are still my greatest way of starting writing a story. It requires a strong sense of humour. You should see what people get up to when they think no-one’s looking.”

“I can confirm I’ve never been a spy, a smuggler, or a professional sports person,” continued Maximilian Sam. “Then again, maybe I have. You’ll have to decide for yourself. It’ll be interesting to see the conclusions people come to.”

“Stories From A Stray” is available in hardback, paperback, and ebook from Amazon.

Maximilian Sam is also the creator of the “Stray Army” brand, with a range of merchandise, from t-shirts to posters, available from his website

He is now living in his 10th country having spanned the globe from the UK to Indonesia, and many stops in between, during a long career in PR. He now spends his time being looked after by a small army of stray dogs on Sagtur beach, writing more books, and conjuring up articles on Watford Football Club.

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