Now that the weather has started to cool off, it’s the perfect time to go camping in the most breathtaking locations across Turkey.

With its air, sea, sun and nature, every corner of Turkey has a special place where nature lovers can find everything they need. If you want to return to nature before summer ends, here are the best and most scenic camping sites in Turkey.


Yedigoller National Park, in the borders of Bolu province, is one of the most popular camping spots in Turkey. Some have only seen this unique region in impressive photos, while others have traveled there to take snapshots in person. It is a suitable place for camping in the spring, summer and autumn thanks to its unique geography. While camping here, you can take many photos, take a walk or even go fishing. There is no electricity in the camping area, but campfires are permitted provided you tend them carefully. The national park, which offers campsites surrounded by impressive nature, is the best option for new campers.


If you are dreaming of an exciting experience in the harsh conditions of nature instead of a modern camping facility, Inbuku Forest Camp is perfect for you. Offering a 140-tent capacity, there is also an area for caravans. You can go fishing in the Inbuku Forest Camping area, swim in the sea and cycle. Cubucak Forest Camp is open throughout the year.


Butterfly Valley, or Kelebekler Vadisi in Turkish, has been an extremely popular spot recently. It is a camping area in Fethiye district where you can both swim in the sea and enjoy nature in a mysterious bay, which is difficult to access in an air full of oxygen. You can enjoy the excitement of paragliding as well. The tent capacity in the valley is 125, and there is some diving training available in the camping area. Electricity, showers and toilets are provided free of charge during certain periods of the day. If you have guests who find staying in tents uncomfortable, you can direct them to the surrounding bungalows.


Koprulu Canyon, protected as a national park, houses the richest plant variety in the world. Located on the borders of Antalya province, the canyon offers an opportunity to camp with tents or in caravans. There is a good selection of places for camping to pick from in this area, including near Eurymedon Bridge at the end of the canyon, in Karabuk Village between the bridges, Beskonak Village by Koprucay Stream, in Altinkaya Village or in the ancient city of Selge. If you’re looking for a variety, stay a few days in each. Some shops sell tents and camping equipment in the canyon. For an adrenaline rush, add the excitement of rafting to the days you spend in Koprulu Canyon.


Igneada is a perfect place to camp and try various sports in the Igneada Floodplain. This area has many camping sites to pick from. After some exploration, you can settle in a camping area that fits your style best. Keep in mind that camping in İğneada comes with some challenges; for example, finding water is problem, and the flies can be annoying. Overall, it is an ideal place for a short camp holiday.


Karagol, which means “Black Lake” in Turkish, is another nice option, located 25 kilometers away from Borcka district. Just turn off from Borcka Macahel road. This camping area in Karagol, situated in a sprawling green field, offers the beauty of nature throughout the four seasons to its visitors.


Kackar Mountains, or simply Kackars, draws people like a magnet with its rich flora, snow-covered hills throughout the four seasons, meadows featuring every hue of green and dense forests. The lakes on the top of the mountains are worth seeing, as well. Tatos Lakes, Kavrun Plateau, Dilberduzu and Galerduzu are among the ideal places for camping in this area.


Mount Nemrut, where the most impressive sunrises and sunsets in the world can be seen, is among the most wondrous destinations for tourists with its ancient statues from the Commagene Kingdom. Watching the sunrise and sunset from Mount Nemrut is a must. You can stay for one or two days in a camping area in Mount Nemrut National Park. The region is ideal for trekking and photography.


Bafa, the biggest lake in the Aegean region, invites you to visit its perfect nature. Some 2,000 years ago, the lake was the hometown of Heraclitus of Ephesus, a famous philosopher. In the lake, which is also a bird sanctuary, sits Menet Island, Kargi Asari Island, Ikizce Island and the Kapkiri Islands, which feature Byzantine monasteries and defense structures. You can discover the lake and surrounding area by joining trekking tours after finding the perfect campsite.


You can set up your tent near the Azmak River or under the shade of pine trees or wherever you want in Akyaka- Gokova. Another must-see camping area in Turkey is Gokova Forest Camp with its location close to the sea, featuring a 300-tent and 70-caravan capacity area and eight bays. The region is situated in the town of Akyaka Gokova in Mugla province. This camping area offers more alternatives than other regions. The sites have electricity, sculleries, laundry facilities, kitchens, hot and cold water, and market services. Moreover, one of the nicest alternatives is that it is suitable for water sports. You can swim in the bay of your choosing among the eight in the Gokova Forest Camp and enjoy nature.

Source:  Daily Sabah

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