Here at The Foreign Citizens Advice Centre we assist and help people with all aspects of living, visiting and working in Turkey.

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Below are the relevant details to contact for assistance

Long-term rental enquires, client account balance, bills and other payments etc.; call, SMS or WhatsApp – 05419 010 682 or e-mail

Ege Eye newspaper, residence applications or questions regarding residency; call, SMS or WhatsApp – 05358 546 547 or e-mail

Power of Attorney, inheritance information, property management and general living enquires; call, SMS or WhatsApp – 05419 010 682 or e-mail

Legal enquiries, insurance and any other general enquiry; call, SMS or WhatsApp – 05318 560 546 or e-mail

Buying and selling property; call, SMS or WhatsApp – 05395 819 386 or e-mail

If you need advice or assistance on any of the above in:

Turkish; call, SMS or WhatsApp – 05318 560 546

Arabic; call, SMS or WhatsApp – 05345 112 339

If you are calling, texting or WhatsApping any of the above Turkish numbers from outside Turkey please add 009 to the beginning of the number.

You can contact our volunteers any time from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 5 pm (Turkish time)

For out-of-hours emergencies call 0256 612 3207, or our UK number 0207 078 7443 or our Ireland number 01 657 1475 or call, SMS or WhatsApp 05066 620 185 – 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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