Dog owners desiring a getaway are forced to find housing for their beloved pets.

As the number of dog hotels has gradually increased over the past few years, owners need not worry about what to do when they are away. During the holiday, not only along Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean coast, but also pet hotels back in cities like Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir are full. Bobyland Dog Hotel in Izmir, managed by Bahadır Karabulut, said they will be working at 100 percent capacity during the holidays.

The hotel, built on 10 acres of land, is serving its customers with 24 bungalow rooms. Small dogs like terriers stay in 6 square-meter rooms while larger breeds enjoy the comfort of 8 square-meter quarters.

Owners away on holidays can pay extra and house their pets in suites and follow what their companions are up to through a live camera feed. Karabulut said the majority of the owners are demanding rooms with cameras. Room temperatures are set at 21 degrees Celsius. Owners are asked to bring toys, blankets and other objects so that dogs are not homesick. All the customer’s dogs need to have their shots before they arrive.

Karabulut said because most hotels do not accept pets, owners going on holidays are forced to leave their dogs in another person’s care. Dogs are taken for walks twice a day, combed every day and allowed playing time.

Prices change according to rooms. Small ones cost TL 30 a day, while large ones are TL 40. Suites with cameras cost TL 60 a day.



Source Daily Sabah

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