The door numbers of the workplace and houses are changing in Kuşadası.

Home and office addresses will be updated after the work carried out by Kuşadası Municipality.

Many of you will already be aware that for the last year our street and door numbers have been changing in Kusadasi.

It is most noticeable when we take our Tapu to the numarataj office to get our true address, especially for residency purposes.

At present I do not know the reason for these changes, however, I will update in due course.

The numarataj office is also moving its location. It was still open last week, though they seem to be packing. They told me that they are not moving to the new Belediye site and that their new premises will be near  the Vatan computer shop close to the Sanayi Sitesi.

As soon as they move I will go and get the exact location.

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