The Duchess of Cambridge was hospitalized in December due to the morning sickness she has been suffering from during her pregnancy.

The Duchess of Cambridge has found a natural remedy for the morning sickness she has been suffering from during her pregnancy: figs from western Turkey. After trying several ways to lessen the nausea of her pregnancy, including lavender biscuits and even hypnosis, Kate Middleton, who is due to give birth in July, has turned to Bursa’s miracle fruit, the sweet and voluptuous black fig.

Bursa figs are not only reputed to be delicious, but also rich in vitamin B6 and iron. They also contain enzymes which facilitate digestion. It is reported that The Duchess of Cambridge has been feeling much better since she began consuming Bursa figs every morning.

The British media reported that Kate started a special diet after being hospitalized for morning sickness in early December. She is said to have stopped eating her beloved comfort foods like pizza and sweets, and now stays away from coffee and cigarette smoke. It is also reported that Kate heavily eats dark, leafy vegetables rich in folic acid such as Brussels sprouts.




Source Hürriyet

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