BRITONS own the most property in Turkey, according to official data by the Land Registry Directorate’s Foreigner Affairs Unit.

Foreigners from 89 countries have bought about 111,200 properties across Turkey, with the total area of real estate equaling up to 81.6 million square meters.

British and German nationals own the most property in Turkey with 35,249 Brits owning 24,848 properties.

As for Germans, 27,021 own 35,344 properties. Followed by 10,750 Greeks who own a total of 9,888 properties, 6,849 Irish citizens own 5,173 properties, 5,710 Danes own 4,697 properties and 4,563 Russians own 4,227 real estate properties.


Antalya seems to be the most attractive Turkish province for foreigners. Some 40,090 foreigners own 31,164 properties in the southern province.

It is followed by the southwestern province of Muğla, where 20,196 foreigners own 14,561 properties.

More than 17,600 foreigners own estates in neighboring Aydın, whereas 12,442 foreigners own a total of 12,190 properties in Istanbul.

Foreigners have bought real estate in 76 provinces of Turkey’s 81 provinces, but no foreigners own any property in the provinces of Ağrı, Hakkari, Siirt, Bitlis and Şırnak.

The data showed that Greek citizens of Turkish origin are the largest community of foreign property owners in Istanbul, as well as in the Marmara province of Bursa and the province of İzmir.

Some 35,249 people from the U.K. own 24,848 properties in Turkey, according to the data. This figure is 35,344 for some 27,021 German citizens

Foreign real estate owners in Turkey are from 89 different countries overall, including Andorra, Virgin Islands, Honduras, and Rwanda.

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