When you go roaming so does your phone and you will be stung by extortionate call and data costs if you are not careful. But you can save cash if you read on.

The EU may have set the maximum that your phone operator can charge you to make a call when in another EU country but there’s no such protection outside the EU.

Go roaming in Turkey and you could rack up a bill large enough to get into the business pages of one of the daily papers as you build up the debt of a small european state. So just how can you save ‘n’ roam?

Go For Broke

Take your Vodafone contract phone roaming in Turkey and you could pay £40 to £…sky’s the limit if your data hungry smartphone gets its way. Outgoing calls cost £1.65 per minute and its £1.30 per minute to receive a call. Data comes in at a whopping £3 per MB for the first 5 MB and £15 for every 5 MB after that.



So receive 5 calls of 2 minutes and make 3 of 5 minutes each plus download 6 MB of data (3 normal size photos) and it will cost you a whopping £43.

Cold Turkey

Leaving that phone at home. Easy and sounds the best money saving strategy, but it is not for everyone.

Turn off Tune Out

Switch off the data roaming on your smartphone. To check your emails or go on the internet, connect via a local wi-fi network. In many hotels and cafes in Turkey wi-fi access is free.

To ensure you have switched off data roaming make sure you read your phone manual. In any case make sure you untick:

– Data whilst roaming

– Background Data

– Auto sync

The other option is to change the APN settings which means that when selected it won’t connect to the internet;

Yeah or Nay

If you really do want data roaming, go through all possible charges in detail in advance and work out your best options

Don’t Sit Back, Sign Up

Check your operators travel options. Vodafone’s latest Data Traveller offer provides 25MB for £5 a day outside of Europe – much better value than its standard rest of the world zone rate. But watch out! After that 25 MB is used its £3 per MB. You will need to actively sign up for this by texting 40062 from your phone or call Vodaphone.


Use Skype (www.skype.com) to talk to friends and family over the internet. If they’re on Skype too, and you can find free wi-fi, then you can chat away using your smartphone or laptop at no cost whatsoever.

Text Like A Teenager

Unlike calls, receiving texts abroad is free. Sending is much cheaper than calling. Vodafone pay as you go customers will pay 49p per text sent from Turkey.

Go Global

If you’re likely to make and receive lots of calls while abroad, you can save money by changing your SIM card for a SIM specific to the country you’re visiting, or a global SIM. The drawback is that you’ll have a different phone number. Google ‘global SIM’ for more details.

Go Native

If you plan to make lots of calls to other Turkish phones then it makes sence to buy a Turkish SIM card. Take your passport and visit a Vodafone, Turkcell or Avea phone shop to buy a SIM card and phone credit.

Turn off he Mobile – Oldskool

Go to the post office and buy a calling card for low international rates. You can also call home from phones located in post offices and Turk Telekom offices, the national phone company, on a pay as you call basis.

NOTE – Vodaphone and other phone operators operate a cap on the maximum charges that can be incurred when abroad without further authorisation. This can be a help or a hinderance but more likley will stop most people falling prey. Check out your operators website and terms and conditions for more information.


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