A caracal, which is one of the endangered animals in Turkey, was seen on the roof of a house in the central Anatolian city of Sivas’ İmranli district.

The İmranli Hunting and Shooting Sports Association Chairman Serdar Soylu said he saw the caracal for the first time Jan. 25 on the roof of a house in Yenimahalle neighborhood. 
He said he approached the animal and took its photos, adding, “The neighbourhood is silent, because there is nobody there.

The animal is living there without any problem. We have not heard that it harmed anyone, but we saw that it attacked cats in the neighbourhood.” Soylu said the caracal climbed the roofs of houses and they were very happy to see a caracal, but it should reunite with its natural habitat. 

The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs official Necati Acar said a team went to the area and only saw the animal’s footprints. “This is a wild animal and endangered species. Caracals never harm anything unless there is a human threat. It is forbidden to hunt it. The situation is not dangerous. Necessary measures were taken by our office,” he said.



Source Hurriyet

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