Izmir’s Peterson Mansion is set to be converted into a museum and library, as well as a tourism and youth center with the collaboration of the Culture Ministry and Izmir Municipality

The Peterson Mansion, which was built by a British trader 150 years ago in Izmir, will soon get a new lease on life when it becomes home to a literature museum and a tourism center.

The mansion has long been in a state of disrepair and abandonment but will soon be converted into the Attila Ilhan Literature Museum and Library and Tourism and Youth Center, Izmir Tourism Provincial Manager Abdülaziz Ediz said recently

“This project is a vital one for Izmir,” said Ediz.

“The area will be open and we want to host as many young people as we can. Izmir municipality will be doing the tender process of the project and we will transform some of the rooms into museums and other rooms will be allocated for art events and activities,” said Ediz, adding that they hoped to finish the project within one year.

The name of Attilla Ilhan

“We will do everything to transform this mansion into a museum and we will preserve the name of [famous Turkish writer] Attilla İlhan, who is from the Menemen district of Izmir,” Ediz said.

Some rooms of the mansion will be allocated to the literature museum, said Ediz, adding that the rest of the rooms would display the famous late writer’s personal effects and belongings. The mansion will also provide services for young people, such as artistic events, he said.

“The Bornova district of Izmir is home to many university students. We want young people to attend arts events and activities at the Peterson Mansion. There will be lots of cultural activities as well,” he said. Noting that they aimed to organize activities such as theater and talks, Ediz said the place would be made into a livable area.

Mansion rebuilt seven times

In 2008 the ministry decided to expropriate the Peterson Mansion because it was not being used.
The mansion, which features a total of 38 rooms, was built by John Peterson in 1859 with building materials that were brought from Europe.

The mansion has been rebuilt seven times and has undergone several changes in architecture, although no modern restorations were begun until 1991.

The municipality had already assumed responsibility for maintaining the garden and the environs of the mansion earlier.


Source Hürriyet.

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