Tomorrow we will be setting foot into a brand new year and the thought of a pounding hangover and the excess calorie-intake can be quite a mood spoiler the next day. New Year’s Eve is celebrated all over the world and if you want to enjoy the first day of the year, then the following tips may be worth noting.

For many, the morning after the night before can be painful. We all know that if you eat something before a party you can delay the body’s speed of absorbing alcohol, thus preventing you from being tipsy right at the start of the party.

If you snack on pickles, olives or lightly salty food, these can help replenish the body with hangover-fighting electolyte: Sodium. Nuts are also good at slowing the absorption of alcohol.

If you are drinking alcohol, keep in mind your limits and try not to drink too much, too quickly. Sip a glass of water with every drink to prevent dehydration and avoid deep-fried food.

Dietician Gulcin Ergazi, says that we often make the mistake of starving on the 31st December and then over-eating at night. It is much better to snack through the day which will keep your blood sugar levels from dropping and your energy levels in check.

Ergazi also states that the following day “we will most likely wake up still full from the night before, so small and light meals will be key”.  She also suggests a long walk, herbal teas and fruit such as kiwis and pineapples will aid getting rid of water retention.

Wherever you are partying this year, celebrate safely, stay in groups and enjoy.

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