This year’s excavation works in the ancient city of Prusiasad Hypium in Konuralp district in Duzce, which is known as “Western Black Sea’s Ephesus,” have started.

Having started in the ancient city, which houses constructions such as aqueducts, the Roma bridge, and the ancient theatre protecting itself with steps ornamented by lion claw figures and archways, the excavations are being conducted by the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Duzce Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Ozcan Budak said “it is an excavation that we appreciate in terms of the area’s historical values.”   Konuralp Museum Director and Head of the Excavation Zuleyha Kartal Onemli also reported that they started the summer season excavation works from the door entrance that the visitors use for the ancient theatre, which was found in 2015, and they dug a hole here to find the original ground. Onemli said they will continue with the orchestra area after the original ground is found.

Mentioning that it is a chance for the area to regain its original structure, Onemli added, “this is the only ancient theatre that could survive and stay partly protected. Thus, all eyes are on it. All the theatres in the nearby cities like Kocaeli have been destroyed. Now, one-third of the theatres remain standing. We estimate that two-thirds of it will come to light with the restoration. These works need some time.”

Implying that the city in which they conduct the excavation is pretty large, Duzce University’s Department of Archaeology Assistant Professor Ahmet Bilir said, “We can get information about the level of wealth in the area, especially in the Roman Empire period, with the theatre and large terrain. We will take the first step of the planned works with our works in the theatre’s western entrance. Theatres are the first things coming to mind when we talk about ancient cities. We understand that this place is not mentioned in the ancient resources so much but it is a city that has a voice in the Black Sea trade with its amazing architecture. We can find out this from the writings on the grave stones belonging to people from several occupational groups.”

Source:  Daily Sabah

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