One of Kahramanmaras’s unparalleled natural beauties, Lake Yesilgoz, continues to mesmerize nature lovers with its mysterious water source and sparkling waters. The lake is even more mesmerizing during the autumn months, when its vibrant colours are amplified. Lake Yesilgoz, located in the Tekir neighbourhood of the central district of Onikisubat, just 60 kilometres from the centre of Kahramanmaras province, attracts visitors all year long with its unique colours.

According to a study conducted by members of the Middle East Technical University Underwater Community and Anatolian Community of Speleology Society, the lake’s water source has not been discovered, although researchers continue to search for its origins.

As a popular spot for picnickers, especially in the summer months, the lake offers a visual feast of beautiful combinations of green and yellow tones that reflect the colours of the autumn leaves turned pale. Resembling a natural aquarium, the lake attracts the attention of visitors during all four seasons of the year because of its unique colors and mysterious origins.

A visitor from Antalya, Kadir Guney, spoke to Anadolu Agency (AA) about his experience at the lake, comparing it to the beautiful attractions of Antalya and saying that he was completely mesmerized by Yesilgoz.

Guney said that Kahramanmaras is an extraordinarily beautiful destination with its breathtaking nature spots, noting: “The city has preserved its natural beauty well and its natural spots are still untouched. Although there are some sites that are undergoing work, all the sites here are still beautiful because their original form has not been distorted. We came to Yesilgoz out of curiosity and we have witnessed the extraordinary beauty of this mysterious lake, the source of which still has not been found.”

Another visitor, Busra Karataş, said that although she is a native of Kahramanmaras province, she has lived in a different city for 20 years, and stated that she truly loves the natural beauties of the city. She added that she is happy to return to see Yesilgoz after many years.

Hakan Gurbuz, who travelled to Kahramanmarai from Izmir province, said that he came to the region to visit the family of his fiance, paying a visit to Yesilgoz after receiving a recommendation from relatives.

Exclaiming that the nature of the city truly amazed him, Gurbuz said: “I’ve seen that the people of Kahramanmaras have preserved the city’s nature very well. They are very lucky to have such a beautiful city. The locals here most truly appreciate the value of Kahramanmaras. We took natural photographs during our visit to Yesilgoz and we will remember our visit in a beautiful memory.”

Source:  Daily Sabah

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