A fire erupted over at least 250 hectares of forest lands and woodlands in the Aegean province of Izmir on July 25. 

Ufuk Sesli, Mayor of Bayindir said at least 250-300 hectares of forest lands had been affected due to the fire.  The fire, which had ignited due to unknown reasons, spread from a forest area between the Kizilkecili and Ovacik neighbourhoods of Izmir’s Bayindir district.

Following the information from locals, fire crews were dispatched to the scene from the Forestry Directorate in Izmir with 35 sprinklers, 15 water supply tanks and eight bulldozers to extinguish the flames. Fire helicopters had also been dispatched to extinguish the fire from air. 

Meanwhile, fire crews from the neighbouring cities of Aydin, Mugla and Manisa had also been transferred to bring the fire under control, which had been ongoing for 12 hours.

One bulldozer from Manisa toppled on the way to Izmir but no injuries or casualties have been reported.  

Mayor Sesli has denied claims that one worker had gone missing while trying to put out the fire, saying the information was inaccurate.

Moreover, a minor fire erupted in Izmir’s Buca district on the same day. The fire, which erupted in an a forestation area, reduced one hectare of land to ash. Fire crews responded effectively and the fire was brought under control shortly after.

A total of 147 forest fires, which have destroyed 673 hectares of land across Turkey between July 1 and 4 amid sweltering temperatures, have been brought under control, the Forestry and Waterworks Minister Veysel Eroglu said on July 4, as he urged citizens to properly clean up their areas after picnicking in the forest.

Source: Daily Hurriyet

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